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To be a spirit walker means to stand out of the "normality" that shapes society. For me, spirituality is the basic setting to life and mindset that goes beyond purely material thinking and understanding of the world.


In world wide web as definition about spirituality can be found: "A subjective experience of a sacred dimension and of the deepest values and meanings by which people live, such as a belief in a supernatural realm (beyond the known and observable), and such as a quest for an ultimate or sacred meaning, or as an encounter with one's own inner dimension."

In internet I read also: "Spirituality is the result of a long process that begins with the question of the meaning of life."

For me, it started completely different. The turn to spirituality arose out of distress: unbearable physical and emotional ailments formed the basis of my first contact with shamanism. My only wish was to be symptom-free. To be able to live in well-being. To be free from the trauma that robs my pleasure of living. A spirit walker I only became later.

What does it mean to be a spirit walker?

Letting your mind wander is more than going into a shamanic trance. Although my guaridan spirits convey me their answers in this way primarily, in daily life they show me omens and hints also. I take everything that happens to me as necessary for my development and try to be the creator of my own life, to live in the Here and Now, according to the motto of my guardian spirits:

Don't plan because it happens different anyway.

My blog

The separately posts of my blog show my experiences of a long period of time, my point of view about the universe and a harmonious way of live. Much of the described topics are much more complex than shown here. I tried to present the core of a theme in a short and concise way, because the easier something is to grasp, the more understandable it is. Deeper insights into the subjects offer relevant literature, the internet and teachers.

The separately blogs build one another. The understanding of the previous post leads to understanding the next. Hence, a short guide to happiness? It would be wonderful if it were that easy. Transformation of unwanted habits is pretty hard work and requires much active conscious and mindfulness.

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