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Long before I trained shamanic techniques I had to struggle with my own experiences and difficulties of loss of a soul part. Sadness and Aggression filled my daily life. I didn't know how to feel healthy and vital in my body for a long time.

It was my body which forced me to recognize my repressed trauma. Physical pain at my belly tormented me but the doctors found no cause. My last hope was a psychotherapist. Many years of psychotherapy facilitated my life and let me find my "inner light". This opened the door to spirituality.

Spirituality was no subject in my life. With a lot of prejudice I sat in front of the Computer and typed the word "spirituality" to the search engine. To my surprise I found a website about power animals. Power animals became my first access to the subject. My interest awakend though as my subconscious wanted me to turn over a new leaf.

Sandra Ingerman's book "Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self" helped me to realize that my inner child was split off. I lost a part of my soul on due to a massive trauma at my childhood. I asked a shaman for a Soul Retrieval. After the session I intensively dealt with the returned unharmed soul parts and felt better week by week. As a person who likes to help oneself it only was a small step to train the shamanic methods.

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