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Thanks to the sharpened intuition, the shaman may gain access to information which is called “prophecy”.

Quantum physics shows that the past and the future are woven in a non-causal but significantly manner. Our germanic ancestors already knew the interweaving of past-presence-future, based on the principle of the three Norns.

The fate of the individual is considered not to be fixed. We are born with a probable future, but our decisions may change that path. Imagine this like a tree: Its trunk represents the most probable future, the junctions of its branches are like all further possible live-paths. Hence we humans are strived to weigh up pathbreaking decisions as well as possible. This is where the shaman can help.

In the shamanic state of consciousness the shaman can become a "seer". With regard of possible future events he accesses by means of a precise, narrowly defined question to already acquired knowledge about a hidden universe.

Typical questions to get the clearest possible answers in form of metaphors are:

  • "What can I learn by doing this/that?"
  • "Where leads me this/that decision?"
  • "What can I do/can be done, to change this/that?"


For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, presence and future is merely an illusion that persists tenaciously.

Albert Einstein (Quote from a condolence letter to his friend Michele Besso's family)


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