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Silvia Sladek

Practitioner of Sandra Ingerman for Shamanism (

I am a Shamanic Practitioner and I work with the methods of Core Shamanism. I am trained in the methods of Michael Harner as well as the techniques of Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo. Additionally, I work with Shamanic practices from North and South America. A divination answers questions regarding health and well-being, sorrows or life-crises. Disharmonies of the body energies will be balanced by shamanic healing techniques.

Spiritual Training: Shamanism
  • Dr. Christine Lefebvre, Instructor of Sandra Ingerman
  • Mag. Eva Ruprechtsberger, Instructor of Sandra Ingerman
  • “Barking Dog” Daryll Brown, Chief of Machinac Odawa, Michigan, North America
  • “Turtle Sun” Ron Daniels, Machinac Odawa, Michigan, North America
  • Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe, Harner method
Spiritual Training: Animal Message



Knowledge isn't the acquisition and the insight of new but the experience of depth. It is the personal experience on a cellular, mental level.

Tom Cowan (aus "Die Schamanen von Avalon")


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